A little about me…

Hi I’m Anna, I was born in Prague into a creative family of artists and designers and have spent most of my life traveling the world and living in other countries, finding inspiration in different cultures, people’s creativity, nature and the arts.

I now base myself mainly in the mountains of Slovenia where my workshop is, but travel between there, Spain and Prague throughout the year. I like to move around, keeps life interesting!

The production process…

All my products are designed and handcrafted by me without the use of any machines to cut or sew in the production process and I try to make use of every little piece of hide, leaving nothing to waste.

A lot of time goes into the making of each item, each piece carefully designed with love to enhance and embrace each customer’s personality.

All items are bespoke to the individual customer with no one item being the same, communication is key, so customers can impress a part of themselves in the final product.

All ideas and wishes are very welcome, whether it be alterations to an existing design or coming up with a completely new unique product, everything is possible.

Whatever shape of body, age or sex you are. There’s beauty in all of us.

The leather I use…

The leather I use comes from small independent local producers I have got to know in Slovenia, Spain and Italy, which I select in person, to ensure I am getting the highest quality hides.

I love the uniqueness of each skin I choose, with all its wrinkles and perfect imperfections, which make the final products always original. 

Most of the leather I use is vegetable tanned, meaning it’s dyed with natural ingredients that are kind to nature and human skin.

Please note, leather is a natural product with specific properties that are always working, changing and softening overtime. Leather also needs a bit of care from time to time in order to preserve it, so using products containing beeswax to clean and maintain it every now and then will make it last longer.


I’d like to thank all my beautiful models, sisters and friends for support and help with photoshoots and styling over the years…